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5 Benefits of In-Home Newborn Sessions | Owen Sound Newborn Photography


As an Owen Sound newborn photographer I have a soft spot for in-home sessions, whether it’s a newborn session or a family session, there is a wonderfully nostalgic feel to the resulting images. Read on to find out other benefits to having a newborn session in home.

1. Enjoy a Stress-free Morning

One of the best reasons to have a newborn session at home is… you don’t have to leave! There is no appointment time to be late for, no car to dig out of the snow, no carseat to wrestle your toddler and newborn into, no outfits to pack, or snacks, or water, or toys…. Nothing. All those stressors are eliminated from your morning. So go ahead, pour yourself a second cup of tea and snuggle into the couch with your newborn.

a forward facing newborn baby swaddled in a white blanket held in dad's hands

2. Home is Where the Heart Is

There are many ways to trigger nostalgia, and one of my favourites is using a sentimental location. That is why I encourage my families to do their sessions in their homes. This is likely the first time you will spend most of your days at home and it forges its own special place in your memories. An ordinary rocking chair becomes your best friend during countless night-time feedings. Your bed becomes home to the most intimate early days with your newborn. Your front porch becomes your favourite place to drink tea.

Each part of your home will trigger heartwarming emotions as you grow out of the newborn stage and it brings comfort in its constant state while your baby grows ever too quickly. Featuring it as the backdrop to your newborn session will add a wonderful layer of nostalgia.

3. Your family has their entertainment

Your husband has his dad-chair, the kids have their toys and your house is already childproofed. No one has to worry about older siblings running into expensive studio equipment and they have a familiar space that they can play in. Win-Win!

4. Incorporate Family Pets

Do you have a sweet pup that you would absolutely love to include in a handful of photos? Having your session at home makes this possible in the most stress-free way! If you do plan on including your sweet pup, I recommend getting them groomed before your session and having treats on hand for your session.

5. Go Outdoors

In the warmer months I absolutely love going outdoors for newborn sessions. A garden or big front porch become a beautiful backdrop with your sweet newborn. Just like being in your home, it adds the perfect touch of nostalgia while giving your photos a custom look.

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Film scans by Canadian Film Lab
Mom’s dress, Dad’s shirt, boy’s overalls and baby swaddle from the LCP Client Wardrobe
All images by Owen Sound Newborn Photographer, Loni Carroll Photography


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