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What to Wear to Your Newborn Session | Owen Sound Newborn Photographer


As an Owen Sound Newborn Photographer, one of the most important aspects of my job (and one of my personal favourites!) is helping my families style everyone beautifully for their session. I want you to look and feel amazing in your newborn photos, and I know first hand how stressful and expensive it can become selecting and purchasing outfits for everyone.

Those last few weeks leading up to birth are the hardest and most tiring and it can be so tempting to wear something that you already have that looks “nice enough”. But I have good news for you! If you are one of my clients, then you have access to my curated client wardrobe that is full of flattering and timeless pieces for your whole family. We will work closely together to hand-select the perfect outfits, so that everyone looks coordinated. This will not only save you time and unnecessary stress, it will also help you save money.

If you are not a client of mine, read on for my tips on how to style your own newborn session!

Choose Light and Airy Colours

When I think of a newborn, I think of innocence and love. I want to embody those delicate emotions with a soft, dreamy colour palette. When selecting colours, choose neutrals and creams paired with muted and pastel colours. Not only will this look beautiful and dreamy, it will also ensure your baby has clean skin tones as dark or bright coloured clothing can reflect on your baby’s skin.

Mix Solids with Subtle Patterns/Textures

Beyond choosing soft and neutral colours, your pattern and texture can add another layer of beauty to your images. If you choose a piece that has a pattern, make sure it is subtle like a delicate floral pattern. Also avoid having too many people wearing a pattern. One person is best for a small family while two people is best for a larger family.

Another way to add contrast in outfits without changing the colour is to use texture. This could be a soft cashmere knit sweater or a dress with tulle, chiffon or lace detailing. Knits cozy up a winter session without the need to show the snow outside. While tulle, chiffon and lace will add a feminine and romantic mood to your imagery.

Select Flattering Pieces

You’re body has just spent 9 months growing and changing along with your sweet baby and you may be feeling a little unfamiliar with your new maternal body. I remember first hand how discouraging it felt trying to shop for our own newborn session, so I have created a process to make this part of your planning fun and stress-free for you. My client wardrobe is curated with dresses that are flowy and provide coverage in just the right places. If you are choosing your own outfits, I will work with you to help you select an outfit that you will love. I recommend avoiding tight fitting clothing and sleeveless dresses as they don’t photograph flatteringly.

Swaddle Baby

I recommend using a white swaddle for your baby. A white swaddle will match everyone’s outfits and also reflects nicely on baby’s skin. I love too, that it can easily be removed for images of tiny toes, chubby arms and bare tummies, all those sweet details that you will want to remember forever. Newborn’s also love the warmth and coziness of being swaddled, making for a happier little one.

Subtle Accessories

My Fine Art lifestyle approach to newborn photography means I do not pose baby or use many props, instead I use the interaction between your newborn and your family to create emotion and beauty in my art. However, there are a few nostalgic accessories I love incorporating. A sweet little bow, bonnet, baby blanket or sweet stuffy can add a special touch to your images.

Go Barefoot

Since most newborn sessions are photographed in-home or in a studio, it will look (and feel) more natural to go barefoot during your session. Socks and shoes will look either distracting or out of place, so plan to go without them.

Since your hands and feet will be photographed during your session, it’s a good idea to clean up your nails before your session (this applies to Dad too). Have your fingernails, toenails and cuticles clean and manicured. If painting your nails, I recommend choosing a pale pink or neutral polish.

Trust Your Photographer

Most likely, you chose your photographer because you loved their style. Since each photographer has their own unique approach to their art, it is best for you to work with them to make sure you are dressing for their style of photography. I am an endless resource for my clients and love being a part of their planning process. I would love to work with you and bring your dream newborn session to life! Come say hello and let’s start planning!

Film scans by Canadian Film Lab
All Mom’s dress, Dad’s shirt, children’s outfits and baby swaddle are from the LCP Client Wardrobe.
All images by Owen Sound Newborn Photographer, Loni Carroll Photography

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