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How to Win at Family Sessions


How to Win at Family Sessions

What if I told you that there were a few things you could do to WIN at your next family session?! It’s true! I’m sharing TEN of my favourite tips that will guarantee a smoother family session!

1. Plan your session for AFTER nap time

If you have littles who are still napping, wait till after nap time to do pictures. There is no negotiating when your child is tired. If you love the glow that evening gives, but you know that your children just can’t stay up that late, ask for a morning session! Morning glow is just as gorgeous as evening glow! And if your kids are anything like mine, you are already up before the sun anyway!

2. Bath your children the night BEFORE your session

There will be enough stressor’s the day of your family session, why not try to eliminate some of them? Bathing your children the night before takes one thing off your list! This goes for mom and dad as well. It can be really hard to get ready when you have a couple of mini me’s pulling on your skirt. Why not shower and curl your hair the night before, leaving only touch ups for the next day?

3. Eat before you arrive

Have you ever rushed out the door in the morning and started driving away only to realize, you DIDN’T eat breakfast? Whenever this happens to me I am immediately hangry!! haha! Having everyone in your family eat a meal before your session will eliminate any hangry behaviour! Yes, mom and dad, even you two!

4. Bring water and snacks

Wait!? Loni, didn’t you just say to eat before you arrive? Why am I now bringing snacks too? I’m so glad you asked! The goal is keeping those kiddo’s of yours HAPPY! And I have noticed that taking a break for 5 minutes with some snacks and water can take an uncooperative child back into angel territory. Make sure your snack won’t stain if it falls on your children’s clothing. Crackers, apple slices, cheese, are a few great ideas!

5. Bring a few favourite toys

This tip works magic with your youngest kiddos. Keep the toy small, something that they can hold on their own. It could be a favourite stuffy, a shaker, hot wheels cars, etc., anything that could pull them out of a meltdown and bring comfort to them. Keep in mind, the toy may end up in your pictures, so if you really don’t want that dirty ragged stuffy, it might be best to keep it at home.

6. Coordinate outfits but keep them comfortable

The biggest correlation I have found for styling and beautiful images is colour. Keep your colours soft and neutral. My favourite colours are pinks, blues, heather, tan, cream, grey and navy. If your children are young, you should all wear clothing that you can bend and twirl in. Dresses, especially maxi dresses, are a fabulous option for moms because they have beautiful movement, adding a softness to your images, and they are oh so comfortable!

7. Prep your littles

If your children are old enough to hold a conversation, they are old enough to explain how important your session is to you. It is a great idea to say to them “These pictures are REALLY important to mom and dad! We want some pictures of all of us to hang in our house. Wouldn’t that be nice? Would you like that too?” You can even throw in a little bribe, which brings me to my next tip!

8. Have a pre-established “bribe”

Mom and dad, before you leave, talk about a bribe that you are both comfortable with. It could be the promise of a “treat” (ice cream, a movie, etc.) for after the session. Or it could be a treat you bring with you, like Tic Tacs or cookies. Let your photographer know what the treat is, and it will work wonders in coaxing out some adorable smiles.

9. Bring a Grandparent or friend

Not only will having a third or fourth person around help the session run smoother, it will also allow you to have someone watch your kiddo’s while you get some pictures of just you and your spouse! How’s that for incentive to have Grandma or Grandpa tag along?

10. Don’t expect perfection

Pictures of your family are a wonderful way to create your own legacy! However, children (especially young children) are incredibly unpredictable. Your angel, who is usually asking for you to take their picture, may become shy or stubborn once they meet the photographer. You may end up with a few family photos, where teddy has snuck his way in. And you know what? That’s ok! It is part of YOUR family story! 10, 20, 30 years later, you won’t care if Teddy snuck in there!

I hope you found these helpful! Do you have any tips that have worked for you? Comment below! I would love to hear them!

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