Baby Vera’s Sweet Newborn Session


The house was warm and quiet as I stepped inside, leaving the brisk winter cold behind me. I take my parka off and set it on the entryway bench as Joel warmly greets me. He leads me to the living room where the soft morning sun filters through sheer curtains and we walk through a diffused beam of light hitting the floor. As the light flickers, Josie looks up. In her arms, she is carefully cradling her sweet Vera. Her touch is gentle, as she strokes her daughter’s cheek. It’s a mother’s touch, full of love and promises of protection. I glance over at Joel and he is smiling. I sense the pride he has for Josie for the little miracle she has brought to them. Congratulations Joel and Josie 🤍

  1. Bobbi McArthur says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos of an absolutely gorgeous family!

  2. […] I love this sweet family so much and I have had the honour of photographing their wedding and now their growing family. You can see their very first newborn session with me here. […]

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