Baby Curren’s Fresh 48 Session at Owen Sound Hospital


Being a photographer has blessed me in many ways – one of them is being able to take beautiful photos of my own sweet little family. This Fresh 48 session is of my very last little baby boy – Curren. My heart is broken because my other three kiddos, Wess, Farrah and Becks were not allowed to come visit due to the newest wave of Covid washing over our world. So our Fresh 48 session is missing some of the very photos that are so special to a Fresh 48 session – documenting the very first meeting between new siblings.

A side note that the mom/dad and baby photo section of our session is very small – and this is not normal for a Fresh 48 session. But since I was the Photographer and also the Mama in this session, I did what I felt would be best for me right after a super painful labour – handed my husband Fynn my camera and asked for one quick photo lol.

Welcome Baby Curren!! You are so loved already 🙂


Baby Stats

Name| Curren Gabe Carroll

Born| Sunday, January 2, 2022 at 11:58pm

Weight| 9 lbs 11.6 oz

Height| 21 inches

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