Is travel included in your pricing?
Yes. I include 200km of travel for all in-home or outdoor sessions. If your home/location is located outside of this allotment, then I will customize a quote based on the location. The travel quote is added to your selected collection.

Do you shoot digital or film?
Both. Being confident in both mediums means I bring digital and film cameras to all my sessions. All digital and film images are processed and cohesively presented together in your final online gallery.

What are image turn around times?
My work is focused on creating exquisite art using the finest methods and quality products. Shooting film is not the fastest method, but I recognize it as the most beautiful. Turnaround times for sessions average 3 to 4 weeks.

Will my images include retouching, colour adjustment or other corrective services?
Yes. When I edit your photos, I use the program Lightroom to ensure they all have the same consistent style as the images you fell in love with on my website. I love working with film because it is kind to my subjects’ skin and therefore I have little need for retouching my film images. I use my film images as my editing baseline for my digital images. This means I apply a film profile and then hand-tweak your photos for white balance, exposure, and a myriad of other minute details. I also straighten every. single. image. No tilted horizon lines here!

When should I schedule my maternity session?
Between 6 months and 8 months, when you have a cute, visible bump, but still have some level of mobility, Every woman is different! Send me a photo of your bump and I can help assess.

When is the best time to photograph a newborn?
Newborns should be photographed within the first 12 days of birth when they are tiny and squishy. These moments are incredibly fleeting because babies grow incredibly fast in the first month. 

I missed getting newborn photos, can I still get photos with my older baby?
Absolutely! We can still photograph you and your older baby. I love how much older babies interact with mom and dad and love capturing those sweet, smiley moments.

Do you offer petite/mini sessions?
Yes! You can view my current pricing on my Offerings page.

What do I wear to my session?
If you are an LCP client, you have complimentary access to my curated client wardrobe full of beautiful pieces to flatter your entire family! Learn more about my styling process in my Journal post -> What to Wear to Your Newborn Session.

What if there is bad weather/illness on my session date?
We will reschedule your session :)

Do you offer hair and makeup services?
Hair and Makeup is not a direct part of my services, however I provide a list of wonderful hair and makeup artists in the area during our planning :)