The magic doesn't just happen

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life — and you’re sure to have a few questions as you plan.

It’s my goal to be an asset to you and a trusted member of your wedding planning team, so I’ve compiled some of the insights I’ve gathered through the years to help you make the best choices for your day. 


When the golden light perfectly illuminates the edge of a face. 
When the breeze lifts a veil and the light catches it. 

Sometimes I'm lucky enough to have all of the ingredients come together and I’m there, ready and waiting to capture that moment
—that’s where the magic can happen.

But it also doesn’t just happen. Thoughtful preparation, planning, timelines, location scouting, and styling all come together to create it. But, I still need a bit more from you to really make magic happen— the vulnerability to show your true love, the intention to be in the moment and fully present, and the trust to let me be my most creative self.





Do you work with a second shooter?
I bring on a second shooter if you choose my 2 Photographer collection. If you choose to add a second photographer to cover your celebration, they will photograph the groom’s “getting ready” and pivotal moments like the ceremony, reception decor, first dance, cake cutting, etc. 

Do you shoot film or digital?
Both. Being confident in both mediums means I bring digital and film cameras to all shoots and select the best option for each event based on a variety of factors. All film and digital images are processed and cohesively presented together in your final online gallery.

Should I make a "shot list" of my desired photos?
You’ve got enough on your plate—my thorough and detail oriented approach ensures you’ll have more photos than you could ever need or want, but I do recommend bringing to my attention any special people, planned moments, or unique details you’d like to capture that I might not know to anticipate. On your wedding day, please have the rings, dress, shoes, jewelry and any other heirlooms you’d like in the photos in the bridal suite. I will spend the first hour of our coverage shooting your details and final hair/makeup.

Does the online gallery include all of the images you take or do you provide a limited number of images?
The final images in your online gallery—typically 50-75 per hour of coverage—are a curated selection based on content and composition. I include only the highest quality images from each setup angle. Omitted images may include blinking, unflattering expressions, or blur. All final images receive colour corrections and exposure adjustments before I present them in the online gallery.

Do these images include retouching, colour adjustment or other corrective services? Is there an additional fee for these services?
When I edit your photos, I use the program Lightroom to ensure they all have the same consistent style as the images you fell in love with on my website. I love working with film because it is kind to my subjects’ skin and therefore I have little need for retouching my film images. I use my film images as my editing baseline for my digital images. This means I apply a film preset and then hand-tweak your photos for white balance, exposure, and a myriad of other minute details. I also straighten every. single. image. No tilted horizon lines here!

You can just Photoshop that, right?
There are really two parts to this answer. Sure, you can absolutely make waists thinner, car disappear, or remove tourists in the background of your monument photos, but it’s not just with the click of a button. Photoshop is really its own craft outside of the realm of photography. Working in the program is incredibly laborious and often editing just one photo can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes. Considering that I generally deliver 50-75 edited images per hour of photography coverage, you can imagine how quickly that would get out of hand if each photo needed to be taken into photoshop.

However, I do flag a few images as I am applying my standard corrections to take into Photoshop for a bit of extra work. These include things like head-swaps (if someone’s eyes are closed in a family photo), removing blemishes in close-ups, or removing my second shooter if they hopped in the background of a key moment on accident. These are simply things I do as a gift to ensure my couples love their photos! 

What if it rains?
While rain on your wedding day is considered lucky—it's certainly not what we hope for. I have 8 large clear umbrellas for you and your bridal party, why eight? Because most bridal parties have 4-6 bridesmaids (and they can each share with a groomsmen) and then I still have a few for you and your groom to each have your own. If it's pouring or thundering I will take you, your groom and your bridal party to an overhand, awning, porch or some sort of coverage from the water so you're dry. If it does stop raining, we'll try to go back outside and shoot them again.

What is your pricing?
Elopements and intimate wedding collections begin at $1,250.00 and my full day collections begin at $2,700.00. Contact me to view my detailed pricing guide.

How do I confirm my wedding date?
Once you’ve selected your date and determined your collection, I prepare and email an online booking proposal for your review. You are officially booked after you complete your booking proposal and I receive your signed contract and non-refundable retainer of $1,250.00. Then we are officially “official” and you can relax knowing that you are going to be taken care of throughout this whole wedding process. The final balance is due four weeks prior to your wedding date. I ask that you return your signed contract within about a week to ensure your date remains available.  

Do you offer videography?
I do not offer videography services, however I can delightfully recommend Anton Park FilmsRaw Media, Lively Film CreationsNaturally Captured and Sun Moon Media..

What is your approach in capturing the wedding story?
I have a very hands-on approach to setting up a wedding day timeline—my goal is to ensure that you have the best natural light for every part of your celebration. I also prefer to help build the timeline together with you or your planner to give you plenty of time to capture all of your desired portraits and photographs throughout the day with buffers to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience. I balance art directing, styled detail shots and portraits, and capturing the moments that happen organically through photojournalistic coverage. The end result yields a beautiful balance of people, details and emotion.

What equipment do you use?
I shoot with a digital Canon 35mm camera, as well as a Pentax 645n medium format film camera. I always bring camera, lens, and memory card backups, and all of my equipment is regularly serviced to ensure it’s in full working order. If you are curious to see a detailed list, visit my about page. 

What happens if you get sick or have some sort of emergency right before the wedding?
Having an emergency come up immediately before a wedding is a circumstance I have yet to encounter (knock on wood)—and an unpleasant thought for everyone involved. Leading up to a wedding, I plan my life carefully to ensure my health is in top form and that I have ample travel time. Should unforeseen circumstances prevent me from attending your wedding, I will do my best to arrange a replacement photographer of equivalent caliber and style. Alternatively, I would return your full investment and allow you to make your own arrangements if you so choose. 

Who should be included in our family photos?
I will first photograph you with your immediate family members (parents and siblings) and grandparents (if applicable) during the allotted formal family time. If you have groupings outside of immediate family, I suggest to arrange a time during your reception to take these group photos. Additionally, please inform me of any special groupings due to family circumstances (i.e divorce, stepparents, etc) so that I can appropriately welcome and recognize all of the meaningful relationships in your life.

How many images will we get?
Typically, I curate 50-75 final images per hour of coverage.

What are image turn around times?
My work is focused on creating exquisite art using the finest methods and quality products. With a passion for the details, I carefully curate and present each and every project I photograph. Shooting film is not the fastest method, but I recognize it as the most beautiful. Turnaround times for engagement and portrait sessions average 4 to 5 weeks. Turnaround times for wedding images is 8 weeks.

How do you ensure that you stay on schedule during the day?
Staying on schedule is one of the most important factors of my work. I plan carefully with you or your wedding planner/coordinator to create a timeline for each event. Adhering to my photo timeline ensures that I am able to capture every incredible moment and detail of your celebration in optimal lighting conditions.

Is travel/accommodation included in your pricing?
I include 150km of travel for your engagement/portrait session and an additional 150km of travel for your wedding day. If your wedding is located outside of this allotment, then I will customize a quote based on the location. The travel quote is added to your selected collection, and I handle all of my own travel arrangements unless otherwise specified.



Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events filled with elegant details, timelines, loved ones, and lots of emotions. A wedding planner can take your vision and enhance it beyond what you can imagine, allowing you to enjoy the stress-free wedding day of your dreams.

I work closely with my couples’ wedding planners to ensure I am afforded the opportunity to capture all the beautiful elements of your wedding day. Photographing your wedding is much more efficient and smooth when I work with a talented planner, as I am able to focus solely on creating captivating imagery while the wedding logistics are safely in their hands. A few of my favourite Grey-Bruce wedding planners are:

Amanda Jerome Events
Melissa Twist Events
Cornelia J Events

An engagement session is the perfect chance for us to get to know one another, for you to feel comfortable in front of my camera, and for you to experience being photographed together. I find that an engagement session helps my couples feel more at ease on the big day. Furthermore, engagement sessions are a lot of fun and an excellent opportunity to create amazing and adventurous images without the restrictions that a wedding day can bring. Many of my couples use images from their engagement session for their save-the-dates, wedding website, prints to display at the rehearsal dinner or reception, and of course, as art to fill the walls of their new home!

Keeping to a wedding timeline is a key factor for maintaining a relaxing and photographically productive day. Things like delayed hair and makeup can drastically change the day’s schedule and impact your time for portraits prior to the ceremony. (I highly recommend a hair and makeup trial prior to the wedding.) Adding buffer time (up to an hour) around the important elements of your wedding preparation allows for delays. The best case scenario is that you finish on time and have a moment for a glass of champagne before the ceremony. Tip: When alerting the family and bridal party of their times to be ready for portraits, give a time 15 minutes prior to the start of portraits to ensure timeliness.

I like to discuss photo timelines early in the planning process to maximize my opportunities for creating stunning images. Because I shoot with film, I prefer to photograph all the important details of the day (details, decor, and all portraits) in natural light. Together with you or your wedding planner, I build your timeline around the best natural light to ensure your day looks wonderful in the photos you’ll keep for a lifetime. Know the sunset time for your wedding day and ideally visit the location the year prior to see the light throughout the day. This will aid in selecting the optimal ceremony, cocktail, and reception times.

The first few hours of wedding photography take place as you get ready. Whether you choose a bridal suite, hotel room, or other location to prepare for the wedding, consider the backdrop for these images. This location is where I photograph the majority of your details and initial portraits. As such, I recommend selecting a spacious, open location with ample natural light and similar decor or feel to your wedding so the images flow with the rest of the day.

Please prepare all of your wedding details in advance for photographing while you’re getting ready. These details include the full paper/invitation suite in perfect condition with your preferred calligraphy / addressing / stamps, welcome bag, favour, all paper products, dress, shoes, all wedding rings, and any other details from your day that you would like photographed. I love to style still life shots, especially with meaningful elements that you provide. Consider family heirlooms, jewelry, ribbon, fabric and other items that can enhance your images. Please have your wedding and bridal details in the bridal suite where you’re getting ready so I can capture them when I arrive. 

I highly recommend taking the bulk of your portraits prior to the ceremony. Not only will this allow me more time to create beautiful portraits of you and those who matter to you most, but it will allow you to enjoy more of the post-ceremony festivities. Couples often become impatient and frustrated when they are forced to spend their entire cocktail hour taking portraits, as they would rather enjoy the party with friends and family. I get it! This is why I advise leaving only the absolutely necessary group portraits for immediately after the ceremony.

Cell phones and iPads create a significant obstacle for me at your ceremony. I have found that at least one of your guests will try to capture your nuptials with a phone, tablet, or their own camera. These devices end up in your wedding photos and create unsightly distractions while blocking the faces and emotions of you and your guests. The best photojournalistic images of your wedding come about when your guests put away their devices and watch the ceremony with their eyes and hearts.

Tip: Consider asking your officiant to make an announcement just before the start of the processional to request that guests put away their cameras and devices and be present during the ceremony.

To ensure we are the perfect fit for one another, it’s very important for me to get to know as much as possible about you and your wedding day prior to booking. I love to learn about both of you, your personality, your family, and your background so I get a solid sense of your love story and who you are. After the experience of your engagement session, you will know what to expect on your wedding day. It’s now time to relax and enjoy – be yourselves and leave the rest to me.










Work with a skilled wedding planner

Don't skip an engagement session

Know the sunset time

Choose a beautiful location to get ready

Details Matter

Consider a first look

Consider a cell phone-free ceremony

Enjoy & Trust Me

Create a realistic wedding day timeline

When your florist is assembling your floral arrangements, they end up with extra loose florals from the bouquets and bouts. Ask them to include a bag of these loose florals for me! I love incorporating these into your detail images and invitation flat lays.

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