So You Just Had a Baby? 10 Ways to Enjoy the Early Days


Those first few weeks of newborn bliss are so magical and hazy, and after having 4 babes, Fynn and I have a few things we did with each of our babes that really made those weeks extra special. I am so excited to share them with you!

Our beautiful newborn session was photographed by Maranda Elysse Photography.

1. Go Screen Free During Feedings

So hear me out on this one! I’m not trying to take away your downtime, I promise 🙂 Instead, I’m telling you this because those 10-15 minutes while you are feeding babe is an amazing opportunity to really bond with them. Spend time holding their hands, running your fingers across their little cheek, or their chubby little thigh and allow yourself to really enjoy the hit of Oxytocin that comes while you think about how much you love your baby.

2. Get Outside for a Walk

This one is easy to do with babe during Spring, Summer and Fall – but how do you get outside in the winter? Two of my babies were born in January and temperatures here average around -15. This means bringing baby outside for a walk was a no-go. To get around this, Fynn and I asked his parents to watch our kids while we slip out for a quick 20 minute walk around our neighbourhood. The fresh air, movement and uninterrupted time with my husband felt like a guilty pleasure and became a must for us.

3. Soak in a Bath

Yes, it may seem like an unrealistic luxury, but I swear by this tip! A warm bath will soothe your sore muscles and if you have stitches, a bath is a great way to keep them clean. I love to add a bit of my favourite moisturizing body wash to the bath water to hydrate my skin.

4. Stretch and Massage

Just like a bath, stretching and massage will do wonders at helping your body recover. I kept my stretching routine really simple- just 2-3 stretches- so that I was more likely to do it. Sometimes. I booked a professional massage but mostly, Fynn and I traded massages at home.

Pro Tip: Grapeseed oil is amazing for at-home massages and doesn’t soak into the skin too quickly.

5. Schedule a Meal Date or Two

For the first few weeks after delivery, your little one will be the cutest third wheel on date nights. Since newborns sleep up to 18 hours a day, they are super portable. Fynn and I would do a lunch or dinner out a couple of times within the first two weeks to get out of the house and have something really fun to look forward to. Plus, not having to cook and clean felt like a luxury!

6. A Glass of Water with Each Feeding

This tip was one that I got from my mother-in-law and it is a rule I have lived by while nursing all 4 of my babies. It’s simple: drink one glass of water each time your little one nurses. Want to make it extra fancy? Add some ice and fresh or frozen fruit. Lemon or lime is always refreshing but you could also try some strawberries, watermelon, cucumbers, orange slices…  or any other water-dense produce!

7. Break Up with Your Phone Before you Sleep

Oh this one is hard!! It is so nice to pull out your phone and zone out when you finally get some downtime.. but if you are tired, it’s better to lie down without it. If you aren’t yet a seasoned Mama, you will soon discover how precious your allotted time for sleep is and how quickly it can be over. Don’t let time spent on your phone rob you of a much needed nap or getting to bed at a good time. Getting proper amounts of rest will help you cope with the range of emotions that you will experience and may prevent some unnecessary fights.

8. Create Boundaries With Friends and Family

Seeing friends and family was one of the best things for my mental health after having our babies. But, I found I grew tired much more quickly then I anticipated and some visits wiped me out. Especially visits where I had to leave our house. Setting some boundaries around visit lengths and asking friends and family to come to our house made visits with my loved ones more manageable.

9. Vitamins for You and Baby

If you have any left over pre-natal vitamins, continue to take them. Once you run out, grab some over the counter vitamins and continue to take them until your little one is fully weaned. Those extra nutrients the baby is taking needs to be replenished. Also – remember to give your little one Vitamin D Drops, especially babes born during the winter months.

10. Place Essentials on Your Night Stand

Place your go to essentials on your night stand. My go-to list contained: lip conditioner, body cream, glass of water, fresh flowers (those are essential right?), diapers, wipes and vitamin D for baby. There is nothing worse than a 2 am dash around the house trying to find something you need.

I hope you found this list helpful! Do you have anything to add? Tell me in the comments below!

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