Christmas Gift Ideas for 0-5 Year Olds


Over the past 5 years, my life has felt a smidge chaotic with the emotional highs and lows of motherhood. The non-stop transition from pregnancy to post-partum and back again, sleep deprivation, trying not to feel like a horrible person while learning to lovingly discipline toddlers, while at the same time learning how to be a school-age mom (should I add – during a pandemic?!) AND starting up my own little business. Phew!! It has been a wild ride and one I wouldn’t trade for anything!

With all the chaos, it was hard to find down time to really dive into being intentional with my gifting. This year I wanted to get my 3 (soon to be 4) kids, gifts that would spark imagination and cooperative play but also things that would engage Fynn and I as we play with them.

As my closet shelf (my top secret hiding spot for gifts – don’t tell my children!) started to fill with all the wonderful goodies I have found, I started to get overly excited to share these ideas.



I stumbled onto Maileg a year or so ago, and thought, “gosh these are adorable!” but never looked further into them. So when I started being intentional this Fall, they were one of the first things I wanted to check out. Lucky for me, (being a bit behind on the cool kids stuff) they have been around long enough that many Canadian toy stores are now carrying them!

At first it was a bit over-whelming to decide what exactly to get from this whimsical collection. I started out by getting some dollhouse furniture (which we will be gifting Farrah for her Birthday in January), but then fell in love with their little mouse kits. I got Wess the cutest little mouse and car, Farrah the ballet studio and our new baby boy will enjoy the adorable Noah’s Ark rattle set. Becks just had his birthday and we got him the Big Brother Hiker with a tent and lantern (the lantern even lights up – how cute!!).

A little more about Maileg – it is designed in Denmark by artist Dorthe Mailil and they’ve been presented in art galleries worldwide including the Louvre in Paris and MOMA in New York! Personally, I love that she has created a whole world that my boys and Farrah can all enjoy! The details are whimsical and playful and they are the perfect imaginative toy!


Grimm’s Large Wooden Rainbow

I have seen Grimm’s beautiful wooden rainbows over the years and thought they were just really pretty decor for nursery’s… boy was I wrong! These can be stacked tall like a tower, placed into mazes for marbles to run through and work amazing at building a world for the Maileg mice (I love finding toys that work together!). I got the pastel coloured one for Farrah, but really, I’m expecting Wess, Becks and eventually our third little man to use it too!



This one I got for my two year old Becks and I am crossing my fingers that this will encourage cooperative play as good as Lego does in our house! These have been around for a while – and I first heard about them on Emily Ley’s Podcast – Simplified (which is amazing and you should DEFINITELY go check her out!). She talks about simplifying the toys you have for your kids to just the ones they actually use and MagnaTiles were on the top of her kiddos list. I read a million and one reviews and it appears to be on the top of kiddos lists all around the world. So, I picked up the 100 piece set and the car expansion pack from Mastermind Toys here in Owen Sound. There are a few other versions that aren’t as expensive (Picasso Tiles, Connetix, Magformers), so if the price tag is making your heart skip, check those options out!


Ultimate Paper Airplanes for Kids

This one is for my oldest, Wessley. He is 5 but he makes sure that everyone knows he is actually 5 and a half. A couple of years ago he started asking how to make paper airplanes, and I only know a basic fold. So I got Ultimate Paper Airplanes for Kids and I cannot wait to become a professional paper airplane folder with my son! I picked this up off of Amazon after reading a blog recommendation by BusyToddler – an amazing resource of play based activities for kids!


Joke Books

I got this idea after a friend gave us a stash of used kid books. In it we found an old copy of 101 Telephone Jokes and my older two POUR over that joke book daily. They don’t get half of the jokes because most of them are based around party lines. BUT! I stumbled onto the perfect gift idea for my oldest two – and I cannot wait to be told the same jokes over and over again. The books I picked up are The Don’t Laugh Challenge and Awesome Jokes Every 6 Year Old Should Know.


Hardy Boys Clue Book Collection

We read EVERY SINGLE NIGHT at bedtime – it is my absolute favourite time of day with my kids. There is something incredibly cozy about slipping into soft pj’s after a warm bath and then snuggling into bed and falling asleep to stories. Over the past few months we have been adding a few easy chapter books to our rotation and I wanted to get some classics for the kids. I was researching the age to start Hardy Boys (because who doesn’t love a good mystery?) and the age was a bit too old for my kids. But then!!! I found Hardy Boys Clues Book Collection and it is made specifically for 4-8 year olds! I can’t wait to dive in with Wess and Farrah!


My list is a bit of an odd number  – 6 instead of a nice 5 or 10, but the rest of our gifts are very typical: some clothes, a few games (Spot It! Jr Animals, Monkey Around, Go Ape) and a few little trinkets and candy’s for the stockings. We also try to incorporate experience gifts with the kids like movie nights and fun little dates out individually with each child.


If you have found any treasures for your kids that you are excitedly gushing about to everyone you meet (like I am), let me know in the comments!! 3 of our kiddos have Birthday’s close to Christmas, so I am open to all suggestions!!


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