A Fairytale Wedding at Elm Hurst Inn


Rodney and Hillary

The morning glittered with rays of sunlight, making shadows dance along the pavement. The magic of the day was already at play. Walking into the bridal suite, I could hear casual chatter and I am greeted with warm smiles. Excitement, with just the sweetest touch of nerves, filtered throughout the room. The morning felt enchanted. Hillary was getting final touches done on her hair while I carefully hang up her intricately detailed Eddy K Wedding gown. A knock on the door comes and a gift is delivered. It’s from her beloved, whom she will see in a few short hours. She excitedly sits down on the soft dove-coloured couch and opens the love letter. A soft smile spreads across her lips as she reads. Opening the small parcel, her eyes light up as she pulls out a delicate rose gold bracelet. She slips it on her wrist and her mind is lost to her beloved.

The morning moves along too quickly and I step into the groom’s suite. A stark contrast to the light-filled bridal suite, the guys keep the lights low while the mood is easy. Rodney sits down in the chair next to the window, light flooding onto him as he sets a gift down by his feet. Emotions are easy to read on him as he looks down at the letter she wrote for him. Pulling out a black watch trimmed in matching rose gold to her bracelet, he immediately removes his previous choice and replaces it with her gift. It connects them and I can sense he is ready.

He waits for her at the alter. As he looks up and sees her, he catches his breath. And smiles. His beautiful bride smiles back at him and the moment they have been waiting for, planning for and dreaming, is now upon them. Holding hands, they make a promise to each other, then seal it with a kiss. Walking together down the aisle, all nerves had vanished as they delight in the start of their marriage. Friends and family cheer with them as they walk past. It was an enchanting start to a life full of love.

Congratulations Rodney and Hillary!!

Venue: Elmhurst Inn and Spa | Hair: Hair By Martha | Makeup: Les Yeux Makeup | Brides Dress: Petrov Bridal Boutique Designed by Eddy K | Groom Attire: Peter Parvez | Florals: Forest of Flowers – Strathroy | Wedding Cake Artist: Special Occasion Cakes | Cinematography: Lively Film Creations

xo, Loni


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