An Autumn Engagement at Roost Winery with Aly and Myles


As I pulled into Blue Mountains cozy Roost Winery there was already of buzz excitement filtering through the venue. The Winery was wrapped in Autumnal reds, oranges and golds, adding an additional enchantment to the evening. I find Aly and Myles relaxing on the patio, enraptured in conversation with their almost-finished glasses of wine in hand. I am instantly charmed by the scene and as I approach them, they both greet me with warm smiles and hellos.

The evening is beautiful… warm, with soft autumn light glowing off the grapevines. Aly and Myles are so relaxed together, and I instantly feel the chemistry between them. Both of them a little nervous, they stay close to each other. I love the intimate mannerisms they unconsciously exhibit, something they aren’t even aware they are doing.

As the evening moves on, time seems to slip by on us. Maybe it’s the wine, maybe it’s the magic of their engagement, but all too quickly, the evening light dips low. As I say my goodbye, Aly and Myles head to the patio to enjoy the last 20 minutes of the evening in solitude. I softly smile to myself as I watch them walk away. Congratulations Aly and Myles!!

xo, Loni


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