Engagement at Fanshawe Conservation Area with Hillary and Rodney


We couldn’t beat the rain. Hillary and Rodney’s original Engagement Session date called for overcast skies and light rain, and their back-up date was calling for Thunderstorms! But do you know what’s magical about overcast days? It creates amazingly even light, deep colours and textured skies… so beautiful!!!

I met Hillary and Rodney at London’s Powerhouse Brewery Co. We step out of our cars, and immediately the rain made us take cover inside the Brewery. The new Brewery was vibrating with excited energy while locals enjoy a relaxing Sunday evening out before starting a new workweek. Hillary and Rodney appeared relaxed and excited for our evening together and as we start the ease between the two of them immediately charms me over. They are so beautifully suited for each other and I knew I was in for an incredibly fun evening!

At the entrance of the Brewery was a set of decommissioned train tracks. Since photographing on train tracks is not usually an option, we grabbed our opportunity to use the perfect lead lines that train tracks have to offer. The tracks tied in beautifully with the industrial feel of the Brewery and looked stunning with the backdrop of changing fall leaves. Moving out of the way for the occasional car leaving the Brewery, imagine our surprise when a train comes down the tracks! As we watch the slow-moving train come closer, the workers standing on the back of the train chuckle at our shocked expressions. It seems that they were not completely decommissioned after all and we took that as our que to head over to Fanshawe Conservation Area!

We arrive at the lake and are immediately charmed by its serene beauty. With rolling meadows and rock covered shoreline, we were lucky enough to be the only ones there enjoying its peaceful solitude. It was the perfect way to end our evening. Congratulations Hillary and Rodney! I cannot wait for your Wedding next June!!!

xo, Loni


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