Engagement Session at Indian River Falls with Bianca and Mark


An Indian River Falls Engagement Session

Every once in awhile, I meet a couple, hear their story… and I am blown away by the love and commitment they have for each other. Bianca and Mark are one of these couples for me! They have been together since they were in their early teens… almost EIGHT years!!! Their love has sustained high school, post-secondary and tough seasons of long-distance. All of that impressed me, but what had me charmed the most; is they interact as if they are newly dating!! Gosh.. the CHEMISTRY these two have challenges any newfound love out there!

When we were planning their session, they mentioned they really wanted to go hiking and end at a pretty waterfall. Lucky for them, Owen Sound is full of them! I knew by the description of their desired engagement session, that these two were all about fun and adventure! And after we met, their easygoing and enchanting personalities confirmed this! I had such a fun time with these two and was impressed that both of them swam under the Falls at the very end!! Congratulations Bianca and Mark!! I cannot wait to see you guys at your wedding next July!!



xo, Loni


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