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An Enchanting Georgian Bay Wedding

It was almost 6 years ago that I met sweet Cassidy, the youngest of 4 beautiful sisters. Fynn and I had just started being youth leaders at our church and Cassidy was one of my girls. And now, 6 years later, I am driving out to Cassidy’s parent’s beautiful Georgian Bay home to capture her Wedding Day love story. Isn’t it amazing how time can change so much and yet keep people connected too?

As I walk into the house, I am instantly reminded of Cassidy’s beautiful older sister Josie and how it was only a short year ago I was photographing Josie and Joel’s Wedding Day. I am warmly greeted by each of her sisters, each of them having become so dear to me over this past year. Makeup and hair are well underway and I quietly work on details as I listen to calm chatter flowing throughout the entire house. As I carefully hang Cassidy’s Wedding dress up, I am told the story behind it. Cassidy is a fashion designer and not only designed her wedding dress, but sewed it as well! While designing her stunning gown, she incorporated elements from the wedding dresses of three incredible woman in her life, her Mother, her Grandmother and a dear family friend! I just love the way she preserved the heirlooms dear to her and her family and created something new and beautiful for her special day! 

The morning seemed to fly by and soon I am on my way to the Best Western Inn on the Bay. It was 8 years ago I was celebrating my own wedding at this gorgeous Owen Sound venue and I love that I share this symmetry with Cassidy and Sebastian on their day! When I arrive, guests were finding their seats and the venue vibrated with excited energy. I see Sebastian and he tells me that it has finally hit, and although he is now nervous, he is over the moon about marrying the love of his life. And then it was time. The ceremony was gorgeous, full of love, traditions and rose petals, and as it finishes and they walked down the aisle, they do the most perfectly timed spin. It is moments like these that I just adore about these two, so much love, so much intensity, and then they show their fun and whimsical side, immediately enchanting everyone around them.

The rest of their day was as every Wedding should be. Full of friends and family, traditions, great food and dancing. And as the sun sets and the dancing is well underway, the entire Wedding takes a break to walk outside for an incredible surprise. A beautiful display of Fireworks, just for them, to celebrate their marriage and bless them on their journey ahead. Congratulations Cassidy and Sebastian! I am beyond happy for you both and wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!


Venue + Catering| Best Western Inn on the Bay

Makeup| Yesi Centeno

Hair| Katie Chambers

Brides Dress| Cassidy Hewgill (Bride)

Bridesmaid Dresses| Bridal Glee

Florist and Reception Decorating| Colleen Hewgill (Mother of the Bride)

Groom & Groomsmen Attire| Josephs Clothier

Wedding Cake Artist| Sylvia Kowalska (Mother of the Groom)



xo, Loni


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