An Inglis Falls Engagement


Beth + Johnny

I love hearing how a couple meets, and every once in a while, their story is so “meant to be”, that it really sticks with me. Beth and Johnny’s story is one of those. But let me start at the beginning. You see, I have known Beth for quite a few years and we all knew it had to be someone special… someone pretty outstanding, who would be able to sweep her off her feet.

Every once in awhile, it takes a sister, someone who knows you better than anyone else to help nudge you in the right direction. This is Beth’s story. On vacation, her younger sister Rebecca decided to play matchmaker and unbeknownst to Beth created an online dating profile for her. Then there is Johnny’s story. He also needed someone pretty amazing to take his breath away. Having jokingly created an online dating profile, he thought nothing of it until one particular match popped up. Stopping him in his tracks, he knew he had to reach out.

This is when you would assume, that’s the end, they started dating. Well, this is not the case for these two! You see, Beth had forgotten about the profile. It was her sister who was monitoring it and started chatting with Johnny. After “screening” him for her sister, she said, “Beth, you seriously have to check this guy out!” It wasn’t until after Beth and Johnny had their first date that Johnny found out for the first two weeks it was Rebecca he had been talking too!! Haha!

Well, fast forward and these two were inseparable! Their electric chemistry and their complementary personalities have made it obvious that they are beautifully suited for each other. Knowing that there is no question about spending the rest of their lives together, Johnny proposed to Beth on the beach a few months ago. And their journey together has begun! Congratulations Beth and Johnny!! I cannot wait to celebrate with you both in September!!

xo, Loni


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