Steve + Lauren | Maternity


A Romantic Beachside Maternity Session

“A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.”

Author Unknown

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] love this saying so much. I believe that every woman understands the love that mothers have for their children, but can you ever say you really knew how strong that love would be until you yourself became a mother? Every day from the first moment they exist, you protect them. For nine months you carefully watch what you eat, you pick out their first clothes, and carve a little room inside your home for them. And this is where we start, in Lauren and Steve’s beautiful nursery, perfectly carved out for their sweet little babe. Their nursery feels calm and is decorated in a neutral, bohemian style. I instantly feel inspired to go home and update my own children’s bedrooms. Beautiful Lauren walks into the nursery wearing the most gorgeous lace robe by Coven & Co. With temperatures hovering around zero, we decide to take her robe pictures in their nursery. After a quick change, we pile into our cars and head towards Sauble Beach.

We pull into the driveway of their family cottage and Lauren tells me Steve’s Grandfather built it for his Grandmother. She points to the cottage next door and says their Grandmother was a twin, and explains how that was her sister’s cottage. She continues, saying that the cottages were designed to be a mirror image of each other, with the kitchen windows facing towards each other. Lauren smiles as she comments, “they wanted to be able to see each other when they were doing the dishes”.  Oh my heart!!! It was the most touching story about love that I have heard in a while! This is who their family is and I can sense this same love carried through to Steve and Lauren. The way they excitedly talk about their sweet baby moves me, and I’m caught up in the love they have for their own little family.

We walk out to the beach, the one that is home to so many of their memories, and will soon be the same to their sweet little one. It was windy with a bitter chill, but it didn’t dampen their excitement that evening. We moved quickly and Steve would wrap Lauren in her coat every 5 minutes to keep her and baby warm. And as cold as it was, the evening ended with the warm sun coming out and casting the most gorgeous glow on them. It was the most beautiful way to end such a dreamy maternity session.

Congratulations Steve and Lauren! I wish you a future full of love, baby snuggles and many beautiful memories!

Hanging Bassinet| Swingy Nest

Lace Robe| Coven & Co.

White Dress and Train| Sexy Mama Maternity

Crown Design| Lauren

Crown Artist| Pieces of Light by emmanb

Makeup and Nails| Makeup By Britt

Hair| Aveda Mane Street Salon

xo, Loni


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