Our Wedding


Fynn proposed to me on December 28, 2010 on a snowy evening at Victoria Park in London. He had been away at school in Thunder Bay since September so this time was incredibly special. We had just driven back to London from a few days spent visiting my family near Sarnia and since I had no idea Fynn was going to propose, I wasn’t in any rush to make it back to the City. I unknowingly created a delay in Fynn’s proposal because I made us stop not once but THREE times on our way back. First, I made us stop at my dad’s, where at the time, I didn’t realize that was when Fynn received my dad’s blessing to propose to me! Then I asked if we could stop to visit my Grandparents and eventually we found our way to my older brother (who also lived in London) and his family house.  Poor Fynn!!!

When we finally arrived in London, Fynn asked me if we could stop by the park. Fynn has always made everything seem so exciting to me, and that night was no exception. Victoria was enchanting, it was softly glowing from a thousand Christmas twinkle lights and there were people everywhere, walking, skating, drinking hot coffee from the nearby cafe. And under those big snow covered pine trees in beautiful downtown London, Fynn got down on his knee and pulled out a ring. I squealed and said, really??? Like, this is real?? We’re getting married!!! Haha, I’m pretty sure I eventually said yes, but when I jumped into his arms, I guess he took that as my acceptance.

We spent a handful of days together and then he headed back up north to return to school. I always forget this part of our story. I never think about how we were a long distance relationship that lived happily ever after during college years. We spent the next 4 months apart, skyping (this was before facetime existed!) EVERY night. We pulled our Wedding together in 3 months after he finished his school year, we were broke, and there weren’t a lot of beautiful details, but I wouldn’t change a thing!

We got married on August 13, 2011. It was a drizzly, hot August day, full of nerves and exhaustion and… it was perfect. We felt loved, we got MARRIED, and we were surrounded by our loved ones. We left that night in a downpour, the last person I hugged was my mom, and we climbed into the jeep my dad let us borrow for our honeymoon. It was perfect.

Thank you to our AMAZING photographer, Michelle Drew, for creating our Wedding Legacy 🙂

xo, Loni


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