Baby Rigby


Meet the Schinkel family and their newest addition, Rigby! This sweet family was full of energy and excitement when I arrived. They welcomed little Rigby on January 7th, 2019 at 2:41pm at 8.14 lbs and 20 inches. Sometimes newborns are deeply asleep when I arrive and sometimes they are awake and alert. And Rigby let me capture some of both!

I just loved the cozy family feeling in the Schinkel’s house. With two older siblings there was a fun energy during Rigby’s session. I loved spending some slower moments with mom and Rigby while we listened to giggles from Rigby’s big brother and sister in the room next to us. With dad entertaining the older two, I spent some time getting Rigby alone. He was the sweetest little model for me!! Congratulations Schinkel’s on the arrival of your sweet baby boy!!!

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